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To receipt , or not to receipt

Some houses start the day at 5AM. Some start whenever their kids get up. Some people start their day when 3rd shift is brewing their first of 3 pots of coffee for the long overnight haul.

If you are a small business owner your day starts long before an employee or customer ever steps foot in the door. But before we know it, time and transactions have gotten away from us. We've sent off a handful of invoices, answered batches of phone calls, and checked our email more times than we can count. But did we keep record? Did you grab a receipt for the offices breakfast that was catered? The new laptop you had to purchase, did you keep the receipt for the warranty plan you had added? The Amazon office supplies, how much were those? Every dollar and cent spent matters. It is part of your thriving business. And part of good bookkeeping is good record keeping. Dialing in where every dollar was spent, how much, and when. You can see where money may be bleeding or where you can splurge and make upgrades. How much do you really spend on office coffee? How much do you really spend on making an extra copy for your documents? By keeping good records and receipts, it can help keep your company on the road to success. And keep your bookkeeper quite happy too! The last thing you want to do is have to answer 10 questions 10 different ways at the end of the year or tax time. We can help keep your budgets and balances in line.

So next time you are at the gas station, and they ask do you want a receipt? Yes I would, thank you!

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