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Ways to improve client communication

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

It is usually the unknown that scares people. It makes you draw in scenarios that are likely nowhere near what the true situation is. But it is human nature. There are some key steps to keeping your customers and your clients satisfied.

Overcommunicate- It is what helps give not only you, but your customers a peace of mind. We live in a digital, short cut instant gratification world. And the art of keeping customers happy with what they didn't realize they needed is slowly fading. But stand out by staying ahead.

Step in their shoes- What do you expect from your vendors? On time deliveries? Quick customer service? Answering the phone or an email promptly? Think about what you would want done for your company when it comes to keeping clients satisfied. We provide accounting and bookkeeping at an affordable and manageable price. However we don't let the cut in price reduce the level of service. We try and stay in our customers shoes.

Check, check and recheck- Did you answer the question? Did you provide what was promised? We treat every customer and transaction with the same diligence as we did the first time we started this business. We check our work ethic. We check our response time. We check our processes. We check our own customers satisfaction. And this is all done by communicating openly. Being vulnerable to criticism and recommendations. Keep the door open and understand that change does come. Welcome it and embrace the benefit of taking that criticism and communicating a plan on how you will approach the new way, how you will implement it, and how you will check the new process going forward.

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